Trained By: Ron Hutchinson, Rob Etcheverria, Fit Finlay
Pro Debut: December 2000
Titles: WWE Women’s Champion, (2-time) TNA Knockouts Champion (2-time), TNA Knockouts Tag-Team Champion, FC Women’s Champion
Gail Kim enrolled in Ron Hutchinson’s Pro Wrestling Gym and began her training to become a wrestler. In December 2000, Gail Kim made her professional wrestling debut for Toronto’s Apocalypse Wrestling Federation.

8 Responses to Bio

  1. Michael says:

    Gail Kim,The most excitng and beautiful Womans Wrestler.I reaaly wish I could see her in person.But I just cannot affordit.My son and I have to many bills.,But Gail is very very very very very beautiful.I picture of her would be very nice.I hope she wins the womans title again very soon.Good Luck Gail.Your wrestling fan Michael

  2. Peter Leben says:

    I’ve been watching Women’s Wrestling since the days of Fabulous Moolah. Without question, Gail Kim is the most highly skilled, athletic, beautiful and loveable female wrestler of all time.

  3. Dorian says:

    Gail Kim is not only very pretty but more importantly she is the most technically talented female wrestler in all the TNA roster today–and that’s really saying something.Her repertoire of moves and athletic skill is awesome. Her matches are always guaranteed to be top notch and she definitely “puts over” talent just by them being in the ring with her. Not only that, but she has a great understanding of ring psychology and how to tell a story via a match. She is a great entertainer. In sum–she is the whole package. Whether she’s a face or a heel Gail Kim is #1 and I always root for her!!

  4. Ellen Conley says:

    Gail Kim is by far my favorite wrestler but I’m wanting to settle an argument with a friend of mine and needed to know if Gail Kim ever went by a nickname in her wrestling career. Any help to this would be greatly appreciated thank you.

  5. amy says:

    I love watching you on TV I think you are a beautiful person and awesome women wrestler. But I have a serious question are you really married to Robert Irvine of resteraunt. I love that show as well and was just curious. I hope that is not just for show that would be very disappointing. Thank you for your honesty. And again you are awesome

  6. Gail Kim looks awesome and keeps her body looking very tone and fit, I wonder what’s her secret to a healthy diet.

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